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As part of Daciano da Costa's conservation, valorization and communication project, the team continues the author's desire to preserve his estate by continuing to present his work to some national and international institutions and museums.

Esperar Sentado... O Design da Cadeira em Portugal

Através de um ciclo de conversas que ocorreu na Roca Lisboa Gallery entre 2021 e 2022, procurou-se desenhar o percurso histórico, em particular no design da cadeira em contexto nacional. Através da análise do mais icónico móvel de assento, a Cadeira, tentaremos construir a sua evolução e contextualização através de leituras estruturadas directamente com os seus criadores. A exposição reporta alguns dos exemplos mais importantes, e já com significado histórico, dos participantes neste núcleo de conversas que agora se converte em exposição. Olhando para este objecto enquanto barómetro das condições culturais e sociais que atravessaram o país, através de peças da autoria de Carmo Valente, António Garcia, Daciano da Costa, Nuno Ladeiro, Toni Grilo, Marco Sousa Santos, Paulo Parra, Pedro Silva Dias ou Daniel Caramelo, tentaremos esboçar um traço da segunda metade do séc XX em torno do design de cadeiras em territorio nacional.


DACIANO DA COSTA, From form in space to the space of form. Opening: 19 Feb_15:00 - 19:00 @ CLINK.

Running until May 28th 2022.

Exhibition that explores the holistic essence and relevance of the work of Designer Daciano da Costa - the greatest pioneer of Portuguese Design, curated by Le Brimet and Susana Chasse. Event organized by CLINK in collaboration with the Atelier Daciano da Costa.

An unprecedented show, the first after twenty-one years, which highlights the creative spirit of the author and the materialization of his ideas in modernist objects of different scales, industrial/artisanal processes and materialities, created in space-time intervals defined a priori. Design for context, made for a specific space but simultaneously capable of going beyond the initial conditions, affirming itself as a work of design in all its fullness - Total Design, Timeless and authentic. An experience of pedagogical and sensorial contemporaneity that reveals the vital importance of design in the definition of Daciano's professional path, who made practice an academic and professional discipline, and experimentation a constant in his signature.

The historical past takes us back to the genesis of thought and action-concretization, the present is now defined by the re-editions coordinated by the Atelier Daciano da Costa, led by his daughter and architect Inês Cottinelli. The future will be the national and international affirmation of the legacy inseparable from national history and culture, materialized and immortalized in forms that fill spaces, homes, museums, and public buildings - Man/Mark. A global experience organized and presented by CLINK, in close collaboration with the Atelier Daciano da Costa, which exhibits original pieces and re-editions, a documentary, drawings by the author, photographs and podcast - Testimonies of the unique and unrepeatable universe of Daciano da Costa, the creative who designed forms for architectural space, creating space in culture for the affirmation of his forms.

Venue :

CLINK _Rua do Rosário 84 Loja 17, 4050-381 Porto. About CLINK:

CLINK presents itself as a cultural, social and economic organism that aims to connect artists, designers, artisans, brands and the industry at large. It was founded by creative entrepreneurs Paulo André and Le Brimet in 2021 and has the collaboration of the Art Director Susana Chasse and the Project Manager Ana Murmur

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Design em São Bento – Traces of Portguese Culture

Running until January 2024

The exhibition "Design in São Bento, Traços da Cultura Portuguesa" has opened, 41 Portuguese artists are represented.

More than an exhibition, we celebrate the opening of the doors of the Prime Minister's Official Residence to a contemporary interior design composed of portuguese design pieces; they will be living witnesses of the visits and meetings provided by the Prime Minister.

Free entrance visit.

You can visit the Prime Minister's Official Residence every first Sunday of the month from 11am - 5pm. Guided visits 11am-1pm, by prior appointment until Thursday before the visit.

Limit: 40 people.

T. 218 171 526/ 218 171 897


From Atelier Daciano da Costa you will see:

In the entrance hall, the 3 seat Canapé "Reitoria". (2019), a reissue from the original piece designed by Daciano da Costa for the Reitoria da Universidade de Lisboa (1960-1961).

In the Ambassadors Room, the Tapestry "Penta I", from the "Penta Collection" (2019), an edition never done before by Atelier Daciano da Costa, designed from the original studies by Daciano da Costa for the Hotel Penta floors signage (1971).

On the second floor, a marble ashtray, an original piece by Daciano da Costa.

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