Daciano da Costa

1930 - 2005

Daciano da Costa was with no doubt one of the most outstanding figures of Portuguese Design during the second half of the 20th century. He worked in several design-related areas and had an extensive professorship at university level. He attended the School of Decorative Arts of António Arroio and the Superior School of Fine Arts in Lisbon, leading later on the first degree in Design Architecture. 

The volume and the cultural awareness of Daciano’s lifetime work over a 50-year career place him in the world pantheon of contemporary designers. 

Architect, designer, entrepreneur, and pedagogue, he was considered "the pope of Portuguese design".

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Atelier Daciano da Costa X ETEL Design

Since the atelier was founded in 1959 by Daciano Monteiro da Costa and the restructuring of the company in 2013, we started a project that aims to enhance and disseminate its heritage and keep alive its memory through actions that introduce the design of Daciano da Costa in new contexts, internationalization plays an essential role.

Helping to fulfill this goal, Atelier Daciano da Costa now has ETEL as an international partner, a reference in the world of design, which represents great names in the field.

Now, joins the first Portuguese designer, Daciano da Costa.

Atelier Daciano da Costa X ETEL Design

A current look

Daciano da Costa Works

Considered by many as the most important Portuguese designer of the 20th century, Daciano da Costa's vast curriculum highlights works in areas such as interior architecture, furniture, industrial, exhibition, and graphic design, as well as scenography and costumes. Daciano da Costa´s work can be seen in Portugal and worldwide in places such as MUDE-Museum of Design and Fashion (Lisbon), Centre Pompidou (Paris), CCB - Belém Cultural Center (Lisbon), Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, among others.

Where to Find

Quadratura 1971

Daciano da Costa Office

Come visit Daciano da Costa Design, the new Gallery in Lisbon.

Space where you will find original pieces by Daciano da Costa and re-editions that the Atelier has been working on since 2019.

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