Atelier Daciano da Costa

Who We Are

Since the atelier was founded in 1959 by Daciano Monteiro da Costa and the restructuring of the company in 2013, we started a project that aims to enhance and disseminate its heritage and keep alive its memory through actions that introduce the design of Daciano da Costa in new contexts.

since 2013 to our days

Daciano da Costa Office

In 2013, after eight years of Daciano da Costa´s passing, the heirs of Daciano da Costa, his wife Maria Teresa Cottinelli Telmo Monteiro da Costa and their five daughters, Ana, Catarina, Inês, Teresa, and Maria decided to keep the company with a new purpose, to start a project that intends to keep alive his memory and work, to commit to the communication and appreciation of Daciano da Costa´s work. Professor João Paulo Martins, his assistant, collaborator, and friend, accepts the invitation made that same year, to integrate the company and give his contribution to the professional orientation of its projects.

We believe that Daciano da Costa´s work was the result of a philosophy of design and processes that are worth sharing in many different ways. To continue his work is consistent with this philosophy as to the reissues of some of the pieces of the various "families" of objects developed by the designer.

In 2013 the trademark Daciano da Costa was founded.

In 2019, we open Daciano da Costa Design Gallery, where originals and reissues can be shown, intending to integrate new spaces, both in professional design projects and private projects. 

It is also our purpose, providing a consulting service to institutions related to the rehabilitation and maintenance of existing equipment designed by Daciano da Costa.



1959 - 2005

From The Atelier to The Office

The Daciano da Costa Office was founded in 1959 by Daciano Monteiro da Costa (1930-2005) from here on, he has developed his multiple perspectives as a designer. Daciano da Costa was one of the pioneers of industrial design in Portugal and designed for numerous sectors of the national industry. From its connection to Metalúrgica da Longra, successive lines of office furniture were produced which, over more than three decades, saw an unprecedented acceptance by the public.

From very early on, Daciano da Costa dedicated himself to the design of furniture and equipment for specific environments, working in articulation with the architectural design project.

This activity, mainly linked to the construction of public buildings, collective equipment, representative or linked to tourism, would contribute in a decisive way to the very definition of the Interior Architecture discipline.

Over the decades, the Daciano da Costa Office has established itself as a reference in the professional project scene in Portugal, but also as a studio-school. The strong pedagogical vocation of his mentor allowed successive generations of young designers to join a team in constant renewal.

Once established in a territory with diffuse borders, the studio has been able to diversify its fields of activities such as urban design and public art, interior and furniture design, architecture, and rehabilitation.

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